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Asta Valkyrie

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Hello readers, today I propose you a cosplayer that comes from America and despite her very robust body, has learned to show herself off without shame for both cosplay and photoset. But lets not waste time and find out what her strengths are…


I introduce myself, I’m Asta Valkyrie

I also cosplay as Lady Loki.

Is Ladi Loki the profile picture? Is the beautiful cosplay of Cat Woman yours as well?

Yes, Lady Loki is my profile. I have cosplayed as Black Cat, not Cat Woman.

Oh sorry, I got confused…

It’s alright.

Why in Black Cat there’s a photo where you show yourself in bra?



Because I could and I wanted to do it.

What do you mean? Is it not a bit too sexy? Especially for someone like you who has big tits, without offense?

Black Cat as a character is a very sensual creature, I myself am also a sensual creature and enjoy showing off my body to help me also become comfortable with my body. I have also been fully naked in my sets because I feel that the human body itself it’s a beautiful piece of art. I am a full figured woman and I feel that with me showing off that I am comfortable with the way my figure is, it is a good example for other women to be comfortable with their own.

Is it possible to show the photo of the body art?

I don’t have a flat stomach, I have stretch marks and I do not photoshop those out in any of my sets because I feel it’s important to show them that that is my natural body. I will have to find one where I have censored the nipples out. I do show genitalia in my sets because that is a personal preference, but yes I can find you one where it’s censored if need be.

I agree that natural is better, I’m absolutely not saying that you are a bad woman, indeed I find it very sensual and you know how to mirrir very well in the cosplay that you make. Why did you make some uncensored ones too?

My uncensored images are specifically for those that urchase my photosets.

The censored ones are good too. Thanks.

I should have a censored image of me completely nude in my Poison Ivy shoot, I know I have posted it a while back so it might take some time to find it in my photos.

Do you have only that one?

I have posted others, in my photos.

Which is the nude photo that you find beautiful the most among those you did? Can I show it?

My Ivy one. And yes, you can. I am not shy about my work.

Can I send you a link where I show your body nude and censored?

For me to do my sets, my husband and I have agreed that I can only show censored imagery before purchase, it is a way of protecting myself from theft.

Is not your husband/boyfriend jealous of this thing? You do very well, I agree with your good choice, I support you. Send a link please.

Before I started doing these sets, my husband and I sat down and had a long in-depth discussion. Before I ever do a set or work on any sort of photography that involves me getting nude, we have a long talk about it to have him fully understand what is going on, what I am doing and the nature of my work.

I am completely and 100% committed and loyal to my husband even back when he was just my boyfriend and he knows that so why would he get jealous over nothing?

It is a very big decision that you wanted to take together to prevent misunderstandings..

Just like in any relationship communication is key. There have been a few instances where I have had my husband actually be the one behind the camera to help produce the best angles for my imagery.

Trust in a relationship is the most beautiful thing there is.I like your relationship with your husband, it’s very very good. How old are you?

I am 27.

Wonderful photo but it is half body. Do you have a full body one?

I do have full body but you asked for my favorite photo, didn’t you?

Anyway do you accept to do the interview for my site?

I thought that is what we were doing….

Actually yes, ahahah

Well that is my favorite one.

Ah and maybe I thought you did not want to talk about his life in the interview. Ok, now can you show that full body picture?

My husband’s involvement is actually very vital to my cosplay because he is the one who is encouraging me the most to continue. So to do an interview with me about my cosplay you’re going to hear about my husband and his life.

Perfect because without him you would never have started making cosplay?

Without him I would have given up on making costumes.

Why? Don’t you like yourself or what else?

I would have given up making costumes because I had no confidence in my own skills as a cosplayer. My husband however knows exactly how talented I am and has always been in my corner rooting for me and telling me to keep going keep trying and keep experimenting.
My costumes, most of them, I make myself by hand.

I congratulate you too because I see that despite you saying you don’t have skills, many people make you compliments for your masterpieces instead.
Have you found the full body photo?
Which of your photos can i use for the interview?
The Black Cat one?

You are more then welcome to use any of my images on my fb/Instagram
Yes that is from my black cat. You asked for a full body shot.

Yes, very very beautiful, but your photoset is censured from what I can see…

All censored imagery is on my Facebook and Instagram and also on my Tumblr if you wish to have the link for that as well.

Oh yes, send it, please.
But is it possible to know your measurements or is it private?
Maybe I post them in the interview, if you want.

I am a 38dd if that is what you want to know.

Is 38dd your size of clothes?

That is my bra size.
That is usually the size that everyone asks for.

Is 38dd big? I dont know because the European sizes are different…


Yes, but I asked for your body measurements, not only tits…
Do you have a body that puts you in awe when you’re naked or in any case when you play cosplay?

120cm chest. 104 cm waist, 122cm hips

Can you send me the link of your Tumblr, please?

Do you feel more comfortable when you take nude pictures or when you do cosplay?

I feel comfortable in both to be honest.
Like everyone else, there are days when I feel very confident with my body and there are days when I do not feel confident with my body. On the days I am actually feeling good about myself I am actually in costume even when I am in the state of undress. For the most part, I consider myself still in costume because I will still have the makeup and wig on or any sort of accessories for that character that I am doing a shoot for so even in my nude sets I am still in costume.

Is it a problem if in addition to the photos of your cosplay, I also put your nude photos censored in the post?

No, that is not a problem

And in the moments that you do not feel comfortable with your body what do you do? How do you overcome it?
You are really kind and collaborating…

On the days I do not feel comfortable with my body what I usually do is I sit down and I try to do something to make myself feel better about how I look like, doing my makeup.
There are also some days when that comes along and I don’t have anything to do that day so I try to stay at home and do a bit of self-care like staying in bed and looking at pictures of cute kittens and things like that to help myself back into a good mental state.

You sat down with your husband and talked when you have noticed this type of job …. but how was, however, the idea to take some photos of your naked body born?

On those days my husband was also a huge contributor to that by spending time with me and giving me as much love and affection as he possibly could.

In these days how is your mood?

I found out about this form of costume modeling from a friend of mine who actually worked for a site that did this form of modeling. We (my husband and I) went to a panel that she held at a local convention to learn more about it.

And have they told you they wanted to take nude photos?

My husband is completely comfortable with me taking nude photo sets, I check in regularly with him to ensure that I’m not overstepping a boundary with my work.

Are there people who buy your photos? How does knowing that people like these photos make you feel?

I have a few people that not only by my sets but also support me on my Ko-fi. Knowing that people are purchasing my work actually gives me a lot of confidence and makes me want to continue to not only to produce sets but also to continue working on costuming as well.

Is this a real job for you or do you have a proper job in the meantime?

I do have a day job in order to help pay my bills and also to keep a roof over my head and whatnot. My sets themselves are a way for me to pay for the hobby that I enjoy which is cosplay and costuming work.

Would I like for one day to be able to just live off of the work that I produce? Yes, of course that is the dream of anyone that has a hobby that they are able to make at least a little bit of money off of it, but I am content where I am, making enough to be able to pay for the materials I need.

Plans for the future?

My plans for the future are to continue creating bigger and better costumes and to continue enjoying my life to its fullest.

Next cosplay?

Valkyrie from Thor.

Do they ever recognize you in fairs? Do they ask you for a photo together? Do they ever tell you; but are you the one who takes nude pictures online? If you react, what feelings do you have?

I have been recognized a couple of times and have had people take pictures with me. By no means do I ever feel uncomfortable about the material that I produce because I am proud with what I create.

Any advice you want to give to those who would like to start making cosplay or nude photos?
Do you have any favorite fairs? Usually which ones do you participate in?

For anyone who wants to get into cosplay or even in nude modeling, I suggest starting off with things that you are comfortable with. If you are putting on a costume or even taking off costume and you’re starting to feel uncomfortable then always stop, make sure that you first are comfortable with what you are doing.

I usually attend the local convention scene around and in the midwest area of the United States

Every time, to create a costume how long does it take? While getting ready for your nude photo set?
Ok, I thank you for the time you have given us — can you leave the links of all the social networks where people can follow you and where they can buy your uncensored photos?

When creating a costume it can usually take me up to either a couple hours if it’s found items that I have already in my closet or it can take me up to several months to procure the materials to then construct the individual pieces of the costume.
When it comes to getting ready for my sets it usually takes me long enough to do my makeup and that’s about it which is at most about an hour
I will send you links shortly after I get out of work tonight.

Are you at work now?

I am leaving for work now. And I don’t have time to send you those links.
I hope that the chat / interview has been to your liking and that maybe you can also be vented a bit.

I will try to get you the links to those sets and social medias as soon as I am physically able to.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation


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