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model,cosplayer her is a woman a 360°.Do you want to know the differences between foreign and italian cosplayers? read the interview.



Welcome can you describe yourself?

hi, my name is Juliana, I cosplay the games, movies and comics that I like!
I am from Belarus, and i’m27
When did you start cosplaying?
In 2010
what was the First cosplay?
My first cosplay was Meowth from Pokémon
Have you a stage name?
My stage name is JulianaKota
How It was Born this stage name?
My friends at the university and in the theater called me the Cat. In Russian, the cat sounds like a “kot “. I wanted my nickname to be short and not like anything. Kota sounds like a girl. The first part is my name.
Wow incredible
which is your favorite cosplay among those made?
All my cosplays are favorite!:)
For you Cosplay Is…?
cosplay for me the opportunity to get everything I want)
how do you choose the characters to bring?
I am visual and in most cases I choose a character by design, and then I find out the story and fall in love)
how long do you spend in making a costume?
1week – 1 year
Which Is the MOST importante festival of cosplay in Belarus?
I almost never go to festivals in Belarus, but I often go to Russia, there is a large festival “Igromir”
What is the difference?
Russia and Belarus are different countries
No no difference in the festival why you go in russian e not in Belarus festival?
for me it is an opportunity to visit friends and visit the festival. in Belarus, festivals are smaller.
Have you never travel around the world? In another festival
I travel often, but not to festivals. 1 time I visited the festival in Cologne.
And was different rispect the russian festival?
Have you found any differences in cosplay since you started today?
Before cosplay was only a hobby of everyone, there were no materials for costumes. Cosplay is a hobby and a business
What do you think of those who do cosplay just to show their body?
this is everyone’s business
when they appreciate your costume, what do you think?
if you ask about the jury at the festival. It is important for me that a person would look good at this time. Clean hair, stylish clothes or a good wig styling and quality costume. Then it doesn’t matter if he bought a suit or made it himself. This means that a person sees the difference between a good image and a bad one.
Is the jury always up to their job or are there times they are wrong?
The jury is a set of people who have their own preferences, so the jury is the choice of these people
Do you think cosplay is therapeutic?
What do you mean?
Cosplay helps to overcome shyness, insecurity etc. etc.
If a person is open to this, then yes
Where can people follow you?
Advice for those wishing to start cosplaying?
Do it if you are ready to spend a lot of effort and money
Plans for the future?
I want to make the costumes that I have, travel a lot and do cosplay for other people!
According to the cosplay made in Japan is it different from what you do or is it the same all over the world?
I don’t know:)
I thank you for the. take your time and I hope you enjoyed the interview!
Thank you!?
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